Matlab- cloud detection and removal using wavelet image fusion

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I need a help on code to detect and remove clouds of an image using wavelet image fusion. I have the algorithm for the same but don't know how to implement it. If any one can help. Please it's really urgent.Here is the algorithm.

  • The input images are the original noisy image Original -image (i, j) and the cloud free image clear (i, j) of size 2Nx2N are decomposed to their high and low frequency images.

  • To detect the shadows, make a threshold in the wavelet coefficient at different levels of decomposition. The shadows pixels will set to ones and the other pixels will set to zeros.

  • Replace the wavelet coefficients at the shadows areas in the original noisy image by the wavelet coefficients from the clear image.

  • Repeat the steps 1-3 to detect the clouds from the original noisy image and replace their wavelet coefficients by the wavelet coefficients from the clear image.