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    Sep 20, 2009
    Im an EE and constantly find myself in need of reference materials all math equations related to Trig. Usually its during homework or sometimes reading material something pops up, but there are so many trig identities relating to sin,cos,tan,e,i,pi,and θ that i have never come across a fully encompassing pdf to print off, or even a short handbook. Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried amazon but the "look inside" feature won't allow me to see the whole thing so I don't know how useful it would be.

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    Sep 20, 2009
    I came here asking for actual advice, not sarcastic answers. I already tried Google and Wikipedia, they only provided a small fraction to what I need. Obviously I could go through all the pages on Google but a lot of them are repetitive because they have the same "high school" identities. If your not going to contribute, be unhelpful somewhere else. Don't degrade the professionalism of the forum.
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    6,186'd be surprised how many EE students request info here that can be easily found via a Google search. You may not believe it, but I actually thought I was helping. indirectly, of course.

    I reviewed the search results prior to posting the 'sarcastic' link to ensure I wasn't wasting your time.

    I thought the Wikipedia entry was pretty comprehensive, as they usually are with respect to technical topics (where biases tend not to get in the way). It didn't look 'highschoolish' to me...can you tell me what was missing?
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    As a new member to this forum, you have the gall to criticize another poster. I believe the poster is correct. Most answers can be found through Google. If you are seeking help, just be thankful that people are here to help. If you don't receive the help you are seeking, just gracefully move on.
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    What a welcoming response to greet a new member with! That really is going to encourage new members to flock to this site (I don't think)!

    The OP came with a legitimate query and all he seems to be getting is sarcasm and abuse.
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