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    How de again!

    What's up or down with the poetry in the Math section? a meter is the measured arrangement of words in poetry, as by accentual rhyth, syllabic quantity, or number of syllables in a line. Or a particular arrangement of words in poetry,such iambic pentameter,determined by the kind and number of metrical units in a line. This is Math not poetry.
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    There was a young fellow named Fisk,
    Who's fencing was exceedingly brisk,
    So fast was his action,
    The Fitzgerald Contraction,
    Reduced his rapier to a disk.

    (George Gamow, 1,2,3 infinity)

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    Good Day

    When one learns about math poetry one can attemp to simplfy this poem.The transform function mybe needed.

    Der Shmied

    Am schwarzen Kamin
    Da sitzet mein lieber
    Doch geh'lch voruber
    Die Balge dann Sausen
    Die flammen Aufbrausen Und loden um ihn.
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    Nov 14, 2008
    I need someone to check this out for me.I been working on these complex
    number for some time.I am using the rectangular function.I use the congugate method also to remove the J in the denominator.
    All the capacitors are 0.1 microfarad, and all the resistors are 200k,at a frquency of 3.2 hertz. A RC lead network.

    z5=200k-j497359.2 ; Z4,5=200k-j497359.2/(200k-497359.2)(0j497359.2)
    Z4,5=9.897-j248700.0 =248700.0 @-89.99 degrees
    Z2,3,4,5=(1979400-j1.5^11/200009.9-j74606 )*(200009.9+j74606/200009.9+j74606
    Z2,3,4,5=1.12004^16-j3^16/4.557^10=245805.8-j658384.844=702773.9 @-69.5 degrees
    Z1 in series withZ2,3,4,5.
    Z1,2,3,4,5=(245805.8-j658384.844)+(0-j497359.2=245805.8-j708124.041=749573.311 @-70.85 degrees.
    I was aspecting zero if all these calculation is correct.Did something happened wrong?
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    Dec 5, 2009
    If you multiply the result by 0(zero) to the end, you will get zero. ;)
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    Nov 14, 2008
    I places zeroes in to keep up with the counting sequences.From sometime i would get zeroes confuse with addition,division ect.That's good reminder.
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    I not sure if I understand what your are refering to,the -99.5 raise to 10 power. It comes from multiplying 200k by the capacitor which is -j497359.2. Since Z1 is a capacitor,C1 in series with a R1, resistor. Z2 is in parallel to Z1,which is a R2,200k,.And Z3 is C2 in series to Z1 and Z2.The third Resistor,R3 is parallel toZ1,Z2,and Z3 and is 200k.C3 is the last capacitor and is the input to the lead circuit and has the same Xc.All resistors leads to ground indicating there position are in parallel.They wll charge up or a max voltage will be across them before the capacitor become fully charge.That is the voltage across the resistor will lead the voltage across the capacitor(s). I calculated from the output toward the back toward the input. What is the problem with my calculation? Multipling the 9 and adding the single digits has no rythm to me. The number 9 just happen to get there from calculations. Or is the a quick method of addinf poers of ten ?
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