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  1. ellea

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    Nov 25, 2004
    Now I have this program to assemble and likn and I also have to print out the .com file
    I forgot the commands in dos to do so.
    Please HELP!!!!!! :(
  2. Perion

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    Oct 12, 2004
    I assume you mean the MASM command line option switches to assemble, link, and give you some listing or map file maybe? I don't think you really want to print the actual binary .com file do you? If so try opening the .com file with edit (runs DOS's program if it's in the environment path) and redirect it to the printer or a file:

    edit > prn [may or may not work depending on your system setup]
    - or try sending its output to a text file -
    edit > output.txt
    - then open it in edit and print it out manually -
    edit output.txt [then print it out]

    The MASM manuals in pdf can be found here.

    The syntax for using MASM from the DOS command line are different for pre-MASM 6.1. So, the command line options and syntax depend on what version of MASM you're using.

    The command line options for ML are probably what you are looking for and are listed and explained at MSDN