Marie Assembler exponentiation, division, prime numbers, Big.Com.Multi

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    Mar 19, 2011
    Hello, My english isn't very good so please forgive me my mistakes :) I have to write some procedures ( every in a new file ) and I have many problems with this. I have inly managent to write a multiplication program :)
    I've looked in many topics not only on this forum and i can't find the anwser.
    I don't need to understand very very much Marie Assembler because i had only 1 hour on my university and i have to make those programs to get a grade ;P
    1. EXPONENTATION for 2 integers > 0 ( i have to use the multiplication procedure )
    2. DIVISION of 2 integers > 0.
    3. Find the biggest common multiple for 2 integers > 0 .
    4. i have to output prime numbers for a range inputed from a user.

    Please help me, thanks for everybody thats trying to help me :)