Mapper used for transform coding

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    May 2, 2009
    After doing the transform of an image i have to do the mapper with this condition
    Z_i= 2 y_i 0<=y_i<=b
    2|y_i| -1-b <=y_i<=0 b+|y_i| other wise.where b=y_min, y_i is the wavelet coefficients
    I am having following doubts.
    1.When i try to give min of the coefficients with command u=min(y_i) i am getting many values.Whats the reason?how to get a single value for b?
    2. if true
    % for y_i=0:b Z_i=2 y_i end if Y_i= -1-b :0 Z_i=2|y_i else Z_i= 0; end Is this the way to code the above mapper function in matlab?
    Thank you so much for your patience to read my doubt.Expecting a kind reply.