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    Is there a website that allows one to plot all the manufacturing companies of a given type of product for a given state ?

    For example somebody inputs in the state and type of product/ manufacturing type i,e like auto , produces ,...etc

    and it plots all the manufacturing places in the state for that given type on a google map and allows one to find the exact location as well as what other products they uses.

    What I am getting at is this would allow one to figure out which manufacturing companies can make what in the state given the types of machines they have or don't have.
    As well as know how many and which states can do what from an economical point of view this would determine the extent of product growth in each state or part of the world based on what manufacturing things the have. As well as what they are restricted basically to manufacture based on the restriction of there tools :)
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    1,194 might be along the lines of what you want..

    Also having the equipment to make something and making it cost effectively are 2 totally different animals..

    Going local is great.. BUT there are MANY times that even with higher shipping costs factored in you can get a much better piece price with a company that might be all the way across the US or whatever..
    For example.. We in North Carolina use a screw machine house all the way on the other side of the US in Washington. Why? because NO ONE can touch their pricing.. We have tried MANY local companies as well as many others around the states.. NO ONE gets even close..
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    I used to regularly use the Thomas Register, when finding specific items it the only tool out there for machine maintenance.
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    Thomas Register is also a good place to find jobs in your field.