manipulating electric current wave using electronic components

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If I want the 'electric current wave' to flow in only one direction, then I would a diode. While choosing a diode I would take into consideration several factors such as maximum current flow allowed, maximum power, etc. In the end, electronics is more or less about how to manipulate that 'electric current wave' to do different things. The electronic components help us to use that electric wave in different ways. I hope you get the idea what I'm trying to convey.

Please have a look on the linked below; with focus on the #1:

Q1: Suppose I want an oscillator which produces, let's say, triangular wave. How would I find it? Could you please provide me a list of oscillators which 'graphically' shows me which oscillator produces what kind of wave?

Q2: Different amplifiers, such as differential amplifier and inverting amplifier, affect the input (or, incoming) electric wave in different ways and we end up with 'affected' or 'amplified' output (or, outgoing) electric wave. Could you please provide me a list which graphically shows how an amplifier (such as op-amp) affect its input wave?

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Sounds as if you are proposing a unified theory of signal generation & signal processing.

Do you envisage a 'black box' [i.e. an aggregation of passive & active electronic components] world of electronic design in which the said 'black box' can always be intuitively formulated by simply knowing the inputs and outputs? Could such a universal 'black box' be even contrived to self-actualize according to the given input / output requirements?

It could be a lifelong endeavor.