Managing 20 different tasks simultaneously

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i have 20 different tasks/project unrelated going in parallel.
I face difficult to track them all.
Like whose schedule is up on which date, which mail to send by what date...

Is there any way I can look at a glance about all .

Right now I am maintaing a diary. But I still find it difficult as I cannot visualize at a glance. Also I want tp update my seniors about what's going on?

Is there any software for it.


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What do you have for computing? Desktop, laptop, smartphone? Usually there is a calendar function. Microsoft even has a tasks function in its software.

You can schedule a event with its start and stop dates. Then view the calendar by day, week or month.

Advanced (and expensive) features are available in project management software, but I doubt you'll need those features. I mention it only to complete a picture.


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Short of the fancy software for project management, I have used Excel with good results. Make a list of ALL chores that need to be done to complete a project. For me, it was launching a product and getting it established in the market. I had a list of perhaps 1000 tasks. Each one is assigned to somebody, to be done by an agreed date They don't necessarily DO it, but they're responsible for making it happen. For each task, any prerequisites are noted. Some tasks cannot start until others are complete. Tasks are categorized by functional group (R&D, manufacturing, regulatory, sales, etc.), to simplify review.

This all makes for a fairly simple list to work from. Simple conceptually, even if overall it is quite complicated. If you're on a tight timeline, you can hold weekly meetings and run thru the list to see if one functional group is having a problem staying on schedule.

One of the biggest problems is not knowing the process well enough to prepare the list. That was my job, due to my experience in the company. For instance if you "forget" to include Regulatory on your list and only discover you need them when you want to ship your product, woe is you. So ask people with experience what really needs to get done to accomplish your goal. Find anyone and everyone that might scuttle your project, and make them partially responsible for its success.

Managing multiple tasks is basic time management and you can read how people do this. Discipline is huge. Choose tools and learn to use them rigorously. When we are young and smart we get used to relying on our brains to save us. It works in school. But in the real world, the smart people will get more work than they can handle and relying on your brain to remember and remind you is a sure way to fail. It gets worse as we age, so learning to use good tools is worth the effort early on. Electronic calendars, that sort of thing. And USE them, don't keep your calendar in your head. USE your e-calendar and know with confidence that IT is the reference. If it's not in your calendar, it's not going to happen. This frees your mind to concentrate on important things. If one of your good habits is to only read e-mail after 2pm, let people know that so they don't expect prompt responses.
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