Malfunction in Schauer 24 V. 10 amp charger.

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Joined Sep 16, 2009
I bought this charger second hand. It has two problems.

A) The charger cycles on and off with an audible click even at low (eg. < 5 amp) charge rates. It appears that the circuit breaker located on the DC output is tired and over-sensitive. The breaker is labeled "20 amp., 24 volt". I would like to find a source for a replacement breaker for this unit. (Schauer has not been helpful.)

B) This charger is described as "fully automatic and temperature compenstated" but the person I bought it from advised that it was not working correctly and that I should only use it on a timer (which I have been doing). When I opened the case, I immediately saw a note in black sharpie on the back mounting panel. It said "bad" and pointed to a small black chip mounted on the back panel. Wires to this chip had obviously been clipped out of the circuit. The chip is labeled S1070W S487. A web search suggests that it is an "SRCs 1-70 amp non-sensitive gate". I'd like to find out exactly what this IS and how it functions in the charger circuit. (I'd also like to try replacing it.)

Any guidance/info./insights/advice on this issue will be very much appreciated.