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    Jun 25, 2009
    hello friends

    i have a problem to discuss that my 6 motherboards had malfunctioned immediately whenever i connected with my 17" moniter.In the beginning i thought that the reason is power supply but on changing power supply i got the same result.The motherboard works good on another moniter but with the moniter(for which i am sure that it burns the all motherboards)when i connect any new motherboard(which is still functioning well) lost it's display.After dying out display only motherboard led & processor fan works but display doesn't come at all unless i took it in market for repair.

    any body help me that what's wrong with me.Is my doubt true that moniter can destroy motherboard?.As female vga has input as well as output pins so may be through male connector input receives destructive current which is cause of losing display.
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    Dec 26, 2010
    If the monitor has some fault that allows an incorrect voltage to appear on any connector, clearly damage may result.

    In a sufficiently bad fault condition, - for instance if mains voltages appear unexpectedly - the distinction between input and output connections may be rather academic. I don't think any conventional ideas of pin gender reflecting input or output status would make much odds here.