Making this into a phone bug?

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Ok so I built this simple FM transmitter awhile ago.

Here is it's schematic

I am wondering can I replace the electric mic with the input from a telephone green/red wires. I know that the voltage from these wires are around 50 vdc and the current is pretty low. What would I need to get the phone voltage/current in the green and red wires of the phone down to an reasonable level so I can take out the mic and in place put in the input from the phone wires.

Would an audio transformer 1K to 8 ohm work or something because I have that. I want to keep this simple this shouldn't take alot of circuitary to replace the mic with the input of the phone.
Thanks for any help.
I don't want to create a totally new FM transmitter just want the ability to use the input voice signal of a phone instead of the mic in my transmitter to modulate with.

So don't give me knew schematics for totally different FM transmitters or stuff.

Also I know I would have to take account of the 90vac 20hz ring so as to not damage the transmitter when this occurs.

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The roof,the washer and phone you may tilt the computer to,all In
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Funny :)

Ya, I like this stuff , what did tesla say a man has 2 reasons for doing anything the right reason and his real reason.

But seriously , what would you have to do to convert the telephone line voltage/current into the equivalent mic level input in the transmitter circuit? I don't think I can directly hook the green and red wires into where the mic was. (think this high voltage would destroy the circuit )

What would I have to convert could I use an audio transformer or something?