making robot like a car

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  1. delaramii

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    Apr 10, 2013
    Dear Friends,

    I plan to make a Robot (like a car) , now I'm working on the Motor, but unfortunately I have no information about this. Because of limited time, Please help if you can guide me on running.

    The motor I have, is that I'm working with BASCOM in AVR. it could also write a program that would control speed (main goal is, to run motor in a car with slow and steady way to go),

    I have a car with 2 motors; first, for going a straight way, the second can force the car to go right or left.

    The most important thing I need is that the car should not deviate from
    the straight path. when the car deviate, we should order it to go a straight way and do not leave the straight way.

    Excuse me for my language.

    Many thanks
  2. BillO

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    Nov 24, 2008
    This has been done thousands of times

    Google "Line following Robot". You will get all the information you need.

    BTW, it's more common to do this with 2 independent drive motors and steer trough differential drive. However, it can be done either way just as easily.