making inductors coils for 400 watts, high frequency amplifier circuit.

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hello everyone ,

i have a circuit diagram for 400 watts high frequency amplifier ,
and there are different inductor coils used in this circuit diagram.
each inductors are for specific applications.
the circuit diagram is here ,

i have decided to design these inductor coils with ferrite cores .

so i downloaded an software from micrometals , which can tell me the core type and number of winding needed, if i specify the parameters like operating frequency , voltage , current ,and application.

i am very much confused with the term application which have been listed in my software. the application provided there are
1) Design of DC output inductors Differential mode inductors

2) Design of controlled swing inductors where the inductance does not exceed a maximum value at reduced current.

3) Design of wide swing inductors utilizing a composite core of ferrite and iron powder.

4) Design of a power factor boost or buck inductor, commonly referred to as a PFC choke.

5) Design of 60 Hz dimmer inductor

6) Design of a Resonant Converter Inductor

in my circuit used, one inductor of 40 uH is a radio frequency choke ,
inductor Ls is used for resonance purpose ,
L1 is also for tank circuit and it is a trap for second harmonics ( my fundamental frequency is 13.56 mhz ).
finally the inductor Lg is for tuning out the inductive reactance of gate of the transistor used in my circuit.

can you tell me what application can i choose for the four inductors used in my circuit ,from the choice( as provided above from 1 to 6 ) in my software ?

click here , for circuit diagram

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Your subject is a very complicated one and there are various constraints imposed by the design and materials available. See for guidance in material and parameter selection.

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