Making an embedded web server

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Hey people I am planning to make an embedded webserver I m planning to use a the PIC 16Fxx series and some Ethernet transceiver.. I've seen many but i'm quite confused which one to use.. Any ideas would be quite useful !!

Also .. in terms of making a website .. is it possible for me to implement it using PHP/ASP apart from HTML?

Also does JavaScript require some special specifications apart from those of HTML from server side end ?

Yaa.. and How difficult is it to make your own TCP/IP stack in C ? (I'm like kind of new to using structures and unions in C)

And last question ! Will it be necessary for me to use an RTOS for implementing the web server (My system will also do the job of measuring certain parameters like humidity temp.. etc etc... @ the server end)

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php and asp in small uC? I don´t think so. I think you will have lots of fun trying to keep enough resources for the tcp/ip and accepting and replying correct http messages. For php and asp you would need to create your own parser that translates the scripts into html, and that will take a lot of resources. Static html with pre-written javascript is simple, you just send a bunch of strings. You will end up having your own scripts that generate the html to display what you need, but you will have them hardcoded for the specific data you´re sending, adding php or asp support will complicate things A LOT and most likely you won´t have enough program space to do anything even close to that.

TL;DR replying a simple html page to a http request is relatively simple, generating html from standard scripting languages is not.