Making an ALU in Digital Works 2

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    Mar 22, 2010
    Hi, This is my first post so I will briefly introduce myself.

    My name is Dane and I am in currently in my second semester of study in a Bachelor of I.T.

    In one of my subjects I have an assignment which is:

    CIRCUIT OPTION 1: 4 function 4-bit ALU (45 marks):
    Your 4-bit ALU must implement the following functionality (It is imperative that the bit values for
    S1 and S2 in this table correspond exactly to the functions in your circuit):

    S1 S2 OUTPUT
    0 0 Shift A Through (X = A)
    0 1 Logical AND (X = A AND B)
    1 0 Logical XOR (X = A XOR B)
    1 1 Full adder (X = A + B)

    In addition your circuit must include:
    1. A multiplexor (comprised of a 2 to 4 Decoder and 4 input Selector)
    Your circuit must use a separate template to represent each of the following components:
    1. Full Adder
    2. Logic Unit (Shift A Through, Full Adder, Logical AND, and Logical XOR)
    3. 2 to 4 Decoder
    4. 4 Input Selector
    5. Multiplexor (Contains 2 to 4 Decoder and 4 Input Selector)
    6. 1 Bit ALU (Contains Logic Unit and Multiplexor)
    7. 4 Bit ALU (contains four 1 Bit ALUs)
    Your 4 Bit ALU will consist of four 1 Bit ALUs wired together appropriately. You will be provided
    with an interactive test harness circuit into which you can embed (and wire) your 4 Bit ALU
    template for testing.

    So I have built the full adder, 2 - 4 decoder, Multiplexor. There was a diagram in my notes with what I thought was the logic unit but I dont see the "shifter" in it.

    This is my circuit.

    Any suggestions/ideas/feedback would be great.