Making a Treadmill motor work with a 110v outlet?

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Hello everyone. I'm working on a new project I've been hoping to do for quite a while now, and finally getting around to building it. My project idea is converting a Log Splitter into a Forging Press so I can maneuver my steel easier. What do I need help with then?

My problem is that I need to run it off of an Electric motor, rather than a gas powered motor (faster, easier, and less costly to run). I have a Treadmill motor that I've had lying around for while, but it not longer has the electrical components on it to run on a 110v outlet. It came from a friend that got it from a Treadmill, but removed all of the electrical components for it. All that's left of it are 4 wires: Black, Red, Blue, and another clipped blue wire...

My problem is that I need to run this motor on a 110v outlet, I believe this is a 130v motor, but I have no idea how to do so... I'm not sure what phase it is either, the motor doesn't state much information (so I think). I'm 15 yrs old, I'm still in a learning process, but if someone can walk me through what to buy, and what to do to get this running off of an outlet, with a variable speed dial and/ or on;off switch... I would greatly appreciate it. Here are a few photos of the motor (links), I've also attached them as a file.

I appreciate your time, thank you!


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