Making a mobile telephone that connects...

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Hello Projects Forum.

Here's what I want to do:

Take an old style 500 model telephone and make it to where I can

1.) Lift the receiver off the hook to initiate a transmitter to broadcast to a receiver at my house ( maybe 15 miles away )

2.) This receiver would have an actuator that would lift a phone off the hook here at my house

3.) Once the phone at my house is off the hook, the sound would be transmitted back to the telephone that I originally picked up 15 miles away.

4.) When I dial on the telephone that is with me, the DTMF would be sent back through the transmitter as audio.

5.) This audio would be sent into the microphone of the phone at my house.

6.) The call would initiate and the conversation would begin.

I would think this could work over Wi-Fi as well.....

Just a neat project that I need help piecing together.


Thank you.