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    how to make a 100 Tesla magnet . plz help me with this topic
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    Thats 1,000,000 Gauss, or about 6.5 million lines per sq in.

    Almost every ferromagnetic material known to man will be completely saturated well before that strength can be reached.

    You might get close with some N50 Neo's. But you will need several in decreasing sizes.

    Start with a 2inch cube and attach to another cube 1.5 inch square and then a final cube 1 inch square, and MAYBE just maybe you will reach 100T right at the one inch face, but it will probably fall a little short of that. Adding a 3 inch cube to the pyramid will increase it a little more and putting the three inch cube on a long metal shaft to further remove the leakage to the other pole and isolate the small one inch face will also increase the strength, but 100 Tesla is quite a field strength even for Neo's

    To do so with electricity will require enough Kilowatts to light your house for a year.
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