Making a binary clock

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Hey guys I'm making a binary clock and I'm having trouble making the hours aspect of it. I managed to set up the minutes to increment up by 1 for every 60 seconds. I can only use JK flip flops and this is a school project so any help would be great. :)


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looks like you are on the correct track. For the discussion it is always smart post your schematic in the first post. You say only JK flip flops. But I guess it is also allowed to use logical gates? I would have solved this by using logical gates to sense then the hours was equal to 24. And used this signal to clear all hours flip flips.


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Well it's a school project and I don't believe that our professor taught us about logical gates and he said to use jk flip flops. this is the schematic I drew up so far.'s either time to change schools, or relearn combinational logic as no decent school will teach you flip flops before basic AND, OR, NOT, etc.

The hours section can be implemented with a modulus counter that counts from 1 to 12, or 0 to 23, depending on format...


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You have logical gates in your schematic :) Logical gates=AND,OR, NOT and so on. At least for me, it could be that you have some other name for them.