"Make Things Talk" Project 26

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Hey guys,
I picked this book ("Making Things Talk" from MAKE magazine)up yesterday to read and feel like trying my hands on project 26, "Email from RFID". This is due to the fact that the project involves less modules which can save me $$$. :). Basically they use the following as main components:
1. RFID module
2. XPort, XP1001001-03R
3. along with other electronics like capacitors, volatge regulator etc.

However, I am not sure whether the mail server part will work as I failed to do telnet to mail servers like hotmail, yahoo, gmail.

Not sure whether you guys tried on this project, but would be glad to hear some feedback from you all especially on the part to "communicate" with the mail server. :)

oh ya. and here is the best tutorial I can get to do telnet to gmail. http://www.etiennerached.com/2010/10/sending-email-using-gmail-smtp-server.html