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I am attempting to make a circuit for my car. I have two subwoofers in my car and I have some LED sticks that I want to hook up to make flash to the bass.

I have a good head start using the diagram provided below. The idea is to have a Solid State Relay attached to a diode bridge coming out of the amplifier, except unlike in the diagram, I am using 12V DC lights, and will not be using any kind of plug. The diagram is for AC christmas lights.

I'm not entirely sure if my setup will work, so I need some help.
I am considering a DC SSR with 3-10VDC control voltage, with no more than 2A draw. I have no clue with diode bridges, but I was looking at this one

Could someone please help me to make sure I get the right parts, and have it setup right. I have never worked with diode bridges, nor with SSRs, so any help would be great.


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