main() dont in 0000h in SDCC

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    Dec 5, 2011
    I guys,

    I new here.

    I new in PIC world (i like so much processors and memorys, but for other thinks, i liked use PIC). I am using a 18F2550.

    I yet do some programs, and its works very fine, but when i "refining" it, the .hex and .asm dont works...

    Whats happen: I use this lines above in compiller:
    But in .map, for sample, show it:
    The .main dont is the 0000000h, it after all functons that i create. I try many type of put the functions, defining address, but is the same, main() is after all functions.

    In the SDCC of z80, works very well, with many sources, functions, includes e more, in 32KB of programm, but in pic is this.

    Have some think that i can do ?

    PS: With interruptions is very poor, in the first line, the cond jump to 000008h, when is the interruption.. :p...

    Ty for help
    Moacir Jr.
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