Magnifier Lamp reco's?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by sbixby, Aug 1, 2012.

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    May 8, 2010
    Alas, my eyesight is slowly aging, like the rest of me.... :rolleyes: I wear single-correction contacts and my vision is correct for normal viewing, but my focus range is diminishing. I'm not yet willing to go with bifocal correction, so I use mag lamp/visors for close-up work.

    I have a cheapo mag lamp... and a ... yeah, cheapo again... visor. The lamp only has pivots for the base and the head, so moving it in/out of the view is a hassle. The visor annoys me from distortion of the small field-of view, probably because it's a cheapo; I'd rather have a lamp.

    I'm tired of half-baked tools, so I'd like to find some recommendations for a solid, decent-quality articulating-arm magnifying lamp with a good magnification levels for the primary purpose of working with circuitry - down to SMD level for the occasional task (probably not terribly often).

    I am not sure what magnification level would be preferred, as I don't even know what mag level this cheapo lamp is. For the really small stuff I can probably use a second lamp or visor, or ideally a lamp with multiple lenses available.

    Can someone point me at some good lamp brands & models? I don't mind spending for good quality, but at the same time I appreciate good value. There's a myriad of junk out there, so I was hoping for some pointers to the "real stuff".