Magnetic Latching Solenoid

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    Aug 10, 2012

    Warning: I'm new to electronics.

    I need help with designing a push-type tubular magnetic latching solenoid for intermittent use. A spring-loaded plunger will be pushed in manually between 10~25mm with a weight of 1.2 kilos to latch to the permanent magnet. Then a pulse will energize the coil briefly to reverse polarity. This will release the plunger, and spring force will return it to the original position. The solenoid will be held vertically, so that the plunger is pushed down first, and then goes up when it is unlatched.

    Key parameters:

    1. Must run off 4 1.5V AA batteries or perhaps a 9V PP3 radio battery.
    2. Size limitations are length: 60mm dia: 25mm.

    What gauge wire, number of turns and number of layers will do this? What kind and size of permanent magnet should I use?

    What other factors do I need to take care of?

    Thanks in advance.

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