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    Apr 19, 2008
    Can someone please help me analyze this magnetic circuit? I've got no idea...!

    I want to calculate the flux in each leg.. so, let's take the first leg, flux 1

    I know that flux = BA..

    I calculate magnetizing force H = NI/l = 500/0.14 = 3571.42

    but B = u0 * ur * H = 5000*(4*pi*10^-7)*3571.42 = 22.43

    but flux = BA = 22.43 * 0.004 = 0.0089 Wb

    Not even close to the answer! (4.887 mWb)
  2. scubasteve_911

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    Dec 27, 2007
    You should draw the electrical circuit equivalent, so that you may apply the necessary laws. In this case, it would be the current divider rule.

    I will not solve the question for you, but I will give you the right steps to do it.

    #1) Solve for total core reluctance, this involves finding the area of the core and the length, and using the permeability. You will have a resistor in series with two parallel resistors, hopefully you can find the total resistance. (sorry, thinking electrical)
    Rcore = length / u0*ur*area
    #2) Solve for total flux
    Flux = F/Rcore = N*I/Rcore
    #3) Apply the current (or flux) divider equation to solve for the various fluxes along the different paths