Magnetic Accelerator Circuit

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Hi, I'm trying to design a circuit for a magnetic accelerator I'm building, but am having no luck. I have a set of small wire switches along a pipe, and as each switch is passed needs to turn all of other outputs off, and its corresponding output on.

Each switch is only on for a brief time, however, so the output needs to stay latched on until the next switch is reached.

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. I think thyristors might have some part but I haven't managed to get anything working yet. Picture below may help visualise my problem.

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to quote the terms of service on this site, forbidden subjects include, "Rail guns and high energy projectile devices." The moderators will make the final decision.

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Oh right I understand now. Nah, I'm just running some small magnets at low power to pull a ball around a donut-shaped piece of tube. I can repost it asking about a light-chasing circuit run by push-to-make switches if you'd rather?


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