Maglev train

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    Dec 18, 2008
    I Have to design a maglev train,
    now i am using the permanent magnet to make the train levitate.
    but the problem is i don't know how to make the train move.
    what i have try before is i using solenoid to make the train move. the train will move from one solenoid to another solenoid. if i want make it continuous it have make me a problem.

    i have use 30 solenoid in this train . i am using 11V and 3A to make the train move from the the first solenoid to the second solenoid. i just using one dc power supply to move the train. because of the attraction from the front and repletion from the back the train will move in front. I just on the first solenoid and the second solenoid is off.

    if i on the second solenoid and the third and first solenoid is being off, the train will move toward the third solenoid

    can someone tell me how to make it continuous?