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    Sorry for rubbish thread title(due to bug): it should be magnetic circuit problem

    Hey guys, so i've some coursework and i'm getting on fine with most of the questions however this particular question is proving to be quite a hassle. i can't seem to find any examples like it and from trawling through a ton of web pages i've gathered that i may need to apply ampere circuital law (Like KVL) other than that i'm extremely stuck and would appreciate any help possible. The question goes as follows:

    The magnetic circuit shown below consists of a mild steel core with an air gap of 1.2 mm in one side limb. A coil of 200 turns is wound on the centre limb which has a length of 30 cm and a csa of 16 cm2. The side limbs have a csa of 10 cm2 and a length of 30 cm.

    Construct a magnetic equivalent of the circuit with comparable values to an electrical circuit and calculate the current needed to supply a flux of 1 mWb in the air gap. State any reasonable assumptions made about the circuit.