Macc Alte Parallel Star Y Configuration

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Hello- I know the better end of the mechanical side of a genset better then the back end. I am purchasing a 44KVa unit for a client and will need a three phase units producing 230Vac on each leg. The sales person is telling me that I will also get 120Vac when connecting either one of the 3 legs to neutral. I can not really grasp this concept. Is this reality or not. When I first asked if the genset had a 4 four wire configuration; L1,L2,L3 and a neutral; he said he did not think so but would have to get back with me. He did and said he was wrong and it did have a stand alone neutral.
Again......Will I get 120Vac if I connect the 230Vac leg to the neutral?

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If its a Star Y, winding it will give 230V ac between phases and 132V ac phase to neutral.

If you want 120Vac from phase to neutral, you will get 208Vac phase to phase.