macbook resistor value next to DC/DC converter LDPR


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Are you sure the resistors are broken? Did you remove them from the circuit to measure them? What does your meter read when you try to measure them in-circuit? If the meter reads an “open circuit”, then I agree the resistors are bad, but if it reads a short, you can't be sure due to what else may be connected to the terminals.

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removed them to measure them.

And one of them measures "OL"
It is the one closest to the edge of the board.

output of the converter is now 1.7V
And the feedback pin is not the required 1.25V but only 0.6xx Volts.

But when the resistor is broken this makes sence.
The chip may be damaged as well but i can't measure that without taking it off and put it on a testboard.


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Oh, interesting. I have a MacBook, but it's a different model, and it's my primary computer so I'm a little hesitant to remove any components from the main board...