Mac OS X Lion

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Have you used Mac OS X Lion? What are the advantages and the disadvantages of using Mac OS X Lion? Is it worth installing?

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electronis whiz

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if you have it you probly may as well use it since its alredy paid for. iwas given an old imac g3 with os 9.1 then upgraded to os X leopard. there apears to be quite a bit of diference there. some of the newer versions like lion have some prety nice graphics looks similar to windows aero used in win vista and 7. (aero is what gives you the tracnlucent borders, live thumbnails etc.) also more security features, impovements to other things. as well as you will probly have suport longer for it. also newer mac os use TCP/IP if your goingt to do networking elese apple talk may be needed.
i have just started playin with my apple once of a while so i don't know everything about them but hope this helps.


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Just upgrade to Lion from Snow Leopard and it's pretty cool. A bunch of added features that help make the navigation and organization of active windows a lot smoother.

Mission Control lets you see all active windows and also allows you to have more Desktops open to separate your workspaces from getting cluttered. You can easily move between them with the swipe of four fingers.

Launch Pad is also pretty neat. It's just a quick way to access and manage all of your applications with ease.

Not much has really changed imo, but the changes that were made are nice. So far I can't get VLC to work due to some PowerPC compatibility error that I did not experience with Snow Leopard, as well as an error pop-up every time I open Chrome. Not too big of a deal, but it would be nice to alleviate.