ltspice, using the command thingy

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I have ltspice and im following the recommendation of users on here. I want to use the text editor thing. the thing where you put in the title then the values with spaces between. like this,

this circuit example
v1 1 2 8
r1 2 4 5
r2 3 5 7

I cant find this on ltspice. do I have to put in the circuit diagram first? or can I just write this in a window. I have looked at tutorials but none on this subject within ltspice. I have found how to make a schematic and basic testing but I would like to learn this as it seems quick and simple and I have failed when trying to make circuits using the schematic. I get an error with syntax. anyone know of a thorough guide on ltspice, it all seems like little bits here and there. is there one comlete manual?


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Google LTSPICE Tutorial

The netlist file is created automatically when you simulate a schematic: Normally, you would not be editing the netlist.
Here is a running LTSpice simulation, its plot window, the schematic file (Draft145a.asc)
The created netlist (, which you can open in the LTSpice window.

ps. The forum software wouldn't let me upload the .net file, so I had to rename it Get rid of the .txt to put it back in it's original form.



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You can view the netlist by right-clicking on a blank area of the LTSpice schematic, selecting "View" from the bottom of the popup dialog, and then "SPICE Netlist" from the next popup. However, you can't directly alter the netlist; you need to add/remove/change things in the schematic itself.