LTspice plotting phase between signals

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I am designing a phase shift circuit and it would be ideal if the phase between two signals could be plotted. At the moment I use the amplitude difference between the two and this works to an extent, but the result isn't particularly meaningful to me. (It's just an amplitude figure.) So, is there a function or way to plot the phase between two (identical frequency) signals?

Angakok Thoth

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Switch to AC analysis and it will automatically plot phase (dotted line) along with the amplitude.
Sure it shows phase, but the question was a phase difference. How do I plot that in AC analysis please? I tried plotting V(n001)-V(n002) but that is substracting amplitudes and kind of averaging the phase. It doesn't plot the phase difference. I also tried plotting ph(V(n001))-ph(V(n002)) but that also wasn't giving me phase difference :(