LTspice doesn't like my MOSFET

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    Dec 18, 2007
    I have a Zetex Mosfet I'm trying to run in PSpice. I change the custom component to X and I'm sure I'm using the right symbol in addition the the .lib ZXMN10A07Z.sub directive but its still not working. I thought I read something about people saying I also need an assembly file but I'm not exactly sure what that is about. Does anyone have any idea? I know its just the MOSFET because if I swap the component out for a similar MOSFET included with the software it works fine.

    .SUB ZXMN10A07Z 30 40 50
    M1 6 2 5 5 Nmod L=1E-6 W=0.2
    M2 5 2 5 6 Pmod L=1.5E-6 W=0.15
    RG 4 2 7
    RIN 4 5 1E9
    RD 3 6 Rdmod 0.58
    RB 3 7 Rdmod 0.015
    RL 6 5 10E9
    C1 2 5 10E-12
    C2 3 4 3E-12
    D1 5 7 Dbodymod
    LD 3 30 0.6E-9
    LG 4 40 2.0E-9
    LS 5 50 2.0E-9
    .MODEL Nmod NMOS (LEVEL=3 TOX=5E-8 NSUB=2E17 VTO=3.7
    +KP=8.6E-6 RS=.046 NFS=2E12 KAPPA=0.06 UO=650 IS=6E-15 N=10)
    .MODEL Pmod PMOS (LEVEL=3 TOX=15E-8 NSUB=6E15
    +TPG=-1 IS=1E-15 N=10)
    .MODEL Dbodymod D (IS=1E-12 N=1.05 RS=0.045 TRS1=1.5e-3 CJO=39e-12 BV=101)
    .MODEL Rdmod RES (TC1=7e-3 TC2=1.7E-5)
    .ENDS ZXMN10A07Z
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    Mar 14, 2008
    Your title says LTspice but your post says PSpice. With which are you having the problem?