Ltspice compared with AllAboutCiruits

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As a newbie, I am using AllAboutCircuits "AAC" to learn electronics. Additionally, I am trying to understand Ltspice. From AAC, Vol1 - DC, I copied Serial-Parallel netlist into Ltspice. From the results, device_currents were the same; but voltages and node identifiers are different. Can anyone help me resolve Ltspice node identifiers? AAC is written well for beginners. Ltspice documentation is not to clear. I would like to continue using AAC as my bible and Ltspice for simulation. Is Ltspice the best alternative for simulation?


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I would say that simulation is not the best way to learn about electronics. You are much better off learning the basics yourself. You really need to know and understand the fundamentals before you even approach a simulator, in my opinion. One big reason is this - the models used in a simulator are designed to give reasonably good results when the device is used in an appropriate manner. If you don't know what you are doing, and you have the simulator operate in a device improperly, the simulator won't tell you that - it will just give you WRONG results in many cases. It has no concept of reality. A simulator will have no problem putting 10,000 amps through a 1N914A diode - it doesn't know that you'd let the smoke of of the part if you did that!

So, learn the fundamentals using the lessons and videos here and elsewhere. Pick yourself up a basic digital voltmeter (DVM), and one of hobby instructional kits like this one: These are a real good way to learn the basics - hands on is the way to go!

Once you know the basics, then you can start properly construction more complex circuits that you may choose to simulate.