LT8500 programming


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Do you know how to hookup the hardware?
If yes, I suggest posting the schematic diagram you are using.

If no, say so. Someone likely knows how to do it on this site.
I have some guesses on how to do it.

But, I have used neither chip before.

If you need code help, state the compiler being used.
Note: If needing programming help a specific question is more likely to get an answer.

Example: I have the code driving a single motor, how do I get to drive more than one motor?
Example2: I have no idea how to program the MCU, can you help me?
Example3: I am able to program the MCU, but I have no idea how to use write code using SPI section of the MCU?

Tim S.
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I only need help for programming for the motors.I'm using KEIL MD K-ARM for programming.Basically I'm stuck in programming the PWM pulse.I have no clue how to generate PWM pulses so that i can drive the servo motors.I'm using LT8500 which is a PWM IC which provides 48 output channels.I have provided quiet details still if it isn't enough do let me know because I'm desperately looking for a solution

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Hey Thank you Tim.I am unable to post my schematic due to large size.But your last comment was really helpful.Still my main concern is the IC LT8500.I'm not able to program it properly.Have you done programming for this IC or ever used this before.If yes i'm sure you would be of great help for me@!!!!