LT1930 Shutdown-Circuit

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    Jan 24, 2013
    Hi there,

    I am building a little MP3-Player with the STM32F4Discovery. The Board is supplied by a LT1930 SEPIC Controller with 4AA NiMH. To prevend low voltage damage, i'd like to shutdown the LT1930 permanently after passing a specific voltage, measured by the ADC of the STM32F4. The LT1930 must then not be activated again until new batteries are supplied.

    I have thought of a little FET Latch circuit (see attached).

    My Questions are: Might that work in general? Are there more sophisticated solutions with fewer parts? I've searched a lot so far, but nothing suitable showed up.

    The sleep mode of the uC is not an option, because other stuff is supplied after the LT1930 as well,

    Thanks a lot beforehand for any directional advice! :)
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