LRDP730 Thingy?

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Hello all, was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem i have with a battery pack for my Husqvarna Automower G1.

The batteries were dead, so i bought a replacement-pack were i had to solder a few wires to the new battery and thats it.

So here is the problem. When i took of the original plastic i broke a little component (i guess), called LRD P730 (see picture)

Can anyone tell me what that thing is or does, and MOST important of all: Where can i get a new one, or replacement?

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It's likely a thermistor or other type of temperature sensor to monitor the battery pack so the charger can detect when the batteries are getting warm, indicating they are charged.

But I could find no reference to that part number (may be proprietary) so don't know how to find a replacement.

How was it damaged?

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Hey, thanks for the reply

It broke. When i was removing the plastic from the original battery it broke, as half of it was in glue :(

If anyone else could find part og replacement for it i would be very happy :) A new original one is quite expensive and with less mAH than this one. But had to reuse the old wires

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Still seaching for this component.

Still noone have any idea what it does? or where to find one?

The components 2 wires, going direcly into the multi-plug along with 4 others that will be the battery +/- and 2 temperature sensors in series (placed between the batteries).

The broken one im looking for is placed on top of the battery pack and soldered to one of the batteries, then 2 wires into it -> Multiplug

So im thinking: It cant be a temperature thing as it normally only have 2 wires, right?

Could it be some sort of mini-contactor as it has 3 poles?
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I have the same battery that is incredibly corroded. I have been trying to figure out how it is put together so I can have a new one built instead of paying a fortune for a new one from Husqvarna. I think the tab is just a connector. I will carefully take it apart in the next day or two to see if there is anything special about it. I the meantime, I was wondering if you had an idea of what is connected to the blue and green wires? There is nothing at the end of my wires. I know there was probably some sort of thermistor or something similar before the corrosion ate it. Can you take a pic of it and post?