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    Jul 16, 2013
    I am supposed to remove the noise present in a pressure transducer.
    I connected the transducer to an oscilloscope and noticed some spikes in the waveform.

    Though I couldn't identify the exact amount of noise, I could find out some disturbance in the signal.

    I need help regarding this. I am supposed to use a low pass filter (in software). But I do not have any idea of what should be the order of it. Which type of filter (Butterworth, Chebyshev, etc.,) should be used.

    This extends to writing the code in C and matlab too.
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    The order of the filter required depends upon the frequency and amplitude of the noise versus the frequency and amplitude of the signal. You need to tell us both.

    Software filters can't remove noise above 1/2 the sample frequency of the A/D converter so you likely will need to add a simple RC low-pass filter in front of the A/D input.
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    Just wondering what your application is. I recently had the identical situation with a transducer which was supplying a 4-20 ma sig to a VFD motor drive. The pump was a positive displacement type which caused a very jittery signal from the transducer. In this case, the VFD (an Emerson) could be programmed with a software version of a low pass filter, and this worked quite well.