Low On Inventory?


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That's a lot of inventory!...and a lot of money. I wish I could do this, but it is the same price as a car...and we need a new one...and I don't think the fam would forgive if we ended up driving a clunker cause of my needs.

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Contact the seller with an offer if you are serious.

It will possibly go for under $20k.

That seems like a motivated seller to put it all in one lot.

If they really wanted all that money for it they would put the work in and be patient, selling it off in smaller lots.
They have what looks like maybe 10000 x $10 Ebay lots but they want to sell it all as a package.

You would be right to expect a volume discount.


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Agreed it is overpriced. Disagree on the multiple, it's at least an order of magnitude.

(That's 10 times too much for the mathematically challenged.)


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I was wondering if you could piece it out in smaller lots. Too bad the seller didn't say how many line items there was in his "inventory".

I suspect the vacuum tubes would be a difficult sale.


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I have no idea what a reasonable price would be. Seems like you'd have to know a lot more about what is actually there and what is likely to be movable and what's not. But I definitely agree that there would need to be a deep discount associated with a mixed bag this extensive.


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OMG! This guy spent his whole life organizing his store/stock.

I'm almost there too!
I'm workin on catching up with you two. I'm up to about 1200 line items now and adding new items every month. Eventually I will be able to sit down and build with no concern for whether I have a part in my stock or not, because I will have it already. My general rule is if I need one I order 2, if it is available as a lot of 10 or more and the price is reasonable I go for that. Just got 50 4711's for 8 bucks just the other day off of Ebay. I'm always looking for missclassified or misscategorized parts that are way too cheap and tend to snatch those up quick. Picked up a grab bag that was 10 pounds of components for 10 dollars.. Can't go wrong with that kind of deal no matter what is in the bag, plus it is fun exploring it when it arrives...That bag must have had at least 100 different pot and probably over a thousand each of caps and resistors

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I'm too picky for that. I have spent over 35 years with my electronics work bench, and I can pretty much build what I need...give or take a $10 order. I'm not accumulating now.


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I have to agree with #12. I need to get rid of a bunch of crap -- some of which is perfectly fine and even valuable -- because I've got tons of stuff that has been sitting in boxes for two decades. I don't even know what I have or, even if I did, where exactly it is. Much better to focus on a core bench stock that you know well and order the tidbits you need as you need them.

Now, if I lived someplace that getting components was a major pain, my attitude would be very different. While I am saddened by the loss of walk-in surplus stores and even retail stores of the old Radio Shack vintage, I am still very fortunate to have Digi-Key and Mouser just a phone call away. I only which they sold through Amazon so that I could leverage the free 2-day shipping of Amazon Prime!


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Much better to focus on a core bench stock that you know well and order the tidbits you need as you need them.
I came to the same conslusion. A small, carefully chosen inventory can go a long way. Although, I do dream of opening an electronics surplus store someday, if for nothing else, to replace those which have disappeared over the years.


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As far as the ebay sale in the OP ... It would be nice if the owner had posted a pdf listing of the inventory ... to illustrate it's value to the prospective buyers. Someone may buy it just to piece it out, if the price was right.