low level format on SCSI drive

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    Jul 29, 2010
    I have an old 75 GB Seagate HDD I was given because thought was failing. ended up formatting fine. went to add to spanned array added ok then the whole thing failed. this drive showed errors said was offline tried to reactivate and failed. changed ports in SCA backplane and no effect. I changed to the controller also connected with the OS drive and it recognizes in bios, but os fails to load. (OS is win 2000 server). a few times during low level, or disk verification from the AIC 7890 SCSI controller. I got errors saying: unexpected SCSI command failure. target SCSI ID 8. SCSI CDB sent 03 00 00 0e 00. no host adapter error. target status 02h check condition sense key:04h hardware error. +sense code:19H. +sense qualifier 00h. then a few times it looked like it tried to work since I got no error.

    the last time it worked I tried to low level started it and 5 hrs. later the formatting screen was still their. (this screen just says formatting this may take 1 min to hours depending on drive size, has no progress bar.)
    the drive is a 70-75GB Seagate cheetah ST373405LC ultra 3 scsi LVD/SE. my systems ultra 2-SE. everything said would work, and it did for a while. I tried changing id by SCA port, jumpers on drive, enabled auto motor start, as well as force single ended. neither had effect, but didn't try both at same time. and worked before so doubt it. because of OS issue I'm thinking logic board on drive has issue. also doubt 2 different SCSI controllers of same model would both fail, and they work with the other drives.

    another says"04h/19h Media change device LOGICAL UNIT NOT READY, OPERATING IN SEQUENTIAL MODE.

    according to a chart I found sense key with 4 is hardware error, not sure about h, and 0 means no error. additional since code=19 and means Defect List Error. explanation: Occurs when a data error is detected while reading the manufacturing defect list or while reading or writing the grown defect list. Low-level format and ignoring the grown defect list and retest the drive. If no errors occur the drive is serviceable. last is ooh means no additional information.

    I don't really know which of these is right I'm guessing the first, but don't exactly know what this means. i'm guessing it's fried, but hope I can get running again since about = to 5 other drives summed in my server.
    any idea if this is fixable or if lowleveling a drive this large can take >5HRS?
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    Jan 17, 2013
    usually if the drive fails to detect in an scsi system it did not initialize
    you would need to enter your computers scsi drive manager at boot up and locate the drive address .
    if it detects the drive then you can initialize it and proceed to format and use it.
    if it does not detect it and your cables are secure then you have a bricked controller on the drive.
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    Jul 29, 2010
    I went in the bios on the controller and it would see it, but sometimes would take an abnormally long time. last drive I had do that ended up being shot. and some how interfering with boot like the last time I had a drive fail, but then the SCSI bios saw nothing now it sees them, but fails os boot. guessing because of different brand or part failure it is shot. pretty good size drive so don't want to pretty till more Shure if it's bad.
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    SCSI low level format is a kind of utility. This utility allows you to low level format SCSI hard disk device connected to LSI logic PCl to host adapters. Graphics interface is also provided by it. It support some features works with ASPI compatible, also provides automatic error retry.