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    May 5, 2010
    Like to have a circuit for 12 V 240 V AC 800 W for home use. It should be simple, and sturdy. Circuit with Components available in India please. Am a beginner and would like to know more how it works and what are the tips to do the project successfully.

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    V Krishna Swamy
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    I can buy a 1kW square-wave inverter for $30.00. I can make one for $100.00 or more.
    But since I live in a civilized country then my electricity grid was well planned in advance and is extremely reliable.
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    Dec 5, 2009
    The first step is to read through the All About Circuits eBook.

    You can find it at the top of every page. or:

    That will get you a little education toward your goal.

    As for parts, in.farnell.com is a supplier in India that should have, or can get anything you may need.

    Have you looked for a inverter in stores or on-line to purchase?

    It will take longer, cost more, and most likely work better and live longer if you buy, rather than build.

    Do you have any electronics experience? Have you built any projects?