Loosewires guide to mathmatics.


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I love this part:
The scientists pass a mild electric current (barely enough to light a lightbulb) through the skull into the brain's parietal lobe, where numbers are processed.
How many watts did you get last night? You seem smarter today. I wonder where they got the idea?



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Ah, I can just see it now... The school board will get a resolution passed that provides help for students that do poorly at math. The poorest students will then wind up like the priest in the movie "Top Secret" (my kind of humor) with the poor Latin skills who winds up with the colander on his head.

BTW, that movie has one of my all-time favorite comedy gags. A motorcycle messenger (with a Groucho Marx-style chin strap) rides up with a message for a German general. The general reads the note, then searches amongst his rubber stamps and stamps the message on the paper: "Find him and kill him". This movie and "Blazing Saddles" make up more gag lines used around our house than any other movies.


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I love this part, Loosewires truck would not start,keeping in mind that
Loosewire has said that he don't lie, he raised the hood of his truck.
He was lucky in a way,the truck stalled at a service station (self service).
He reached over the battery,there was an explosion,the top of th battery
was gone.Loosewire was on the ground for a undetermined amount of time.
He woke up to medics standing all around him,ready to load him up, He
declined to there trip to emergency room with ringing within his head.
I love this part a very poor post on mathimatics and what go on In Loosewires
head. He has described In detail his history in electronics,and ability to
make his mark In the Electronics. So I love this part,to reply to this post.
I have no weakness while I have my fingers and pen and an open mind.
It would help If you understood the Shrine,serious and fun.
Thank You Loosewire, wm
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That Is an answer to a silly post about Loosewire,there has to be a better way
to discredit Loosewire. I moved the battery cable (boom).
Not an excuse just another story In a journey.


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There is no dis-crediting going on.

Loosewire, how many times do I have to tell you! IT ISN'T ABOUT YOU!

If you are not laughing at yourself, then you are missing the joke!

I get the same from others, Rifaa too, maxpower, bill, sarge hits me with a cattle prod to keep me inline.

Join the community, and stop thinking everyone is against you.

You are not in court! Nothing anyone types is going to discredit you more than you can discredit yourself.

This is happytime.


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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Especially my Friend Loosewire!

I remember this time last year, you were in a serious funk Dude! Looks like your doing better this year. How's the boy?