Loosewire Is Real Down T09 Cannot Tear It Down

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    Apr 25, 2008
    I have never told a lie on this Forum.So it would hard to take me apart

    piece by piece. I have enjoyed life and walk out the door and ride a

    mile between posting. So I don't worry,it give a chance to promote

    self again,I am reminded about things as I read posting. Like when

    they starting talking about there first experience with high tech. I

    realized that I had high tech handed to me on a platter,the stuff

    with a IT tech to go with it. He could move my mouse from miles

    away. I went to computer classes,I found that I was more productive

    away from class with a large back up system. Now may have been

    a mistake to compete with you guys,I not sure,this is my home.

    But after the u-tube that 10,000,000 hits I am thinking one member

    had it right Loosewire Unleashed. I don't won't my site crashed,I

    want to keep my privacy,that has to be understood,Att-Mod .

    This is all in fun I respect all the guys on this Forum and would nothing

    disrespect myself or one the guys,so go in peace.
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