Loosewire Is Asked To Slow Down

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Nobody is posting anything,this Is a fast moving world.
So If no one else post why do you ask the Mod's to slow
me down this Is a fast media.I can see where that a fair
statement,then I should see more post In busy hours.
When I had point of view from experience from picking
cotton for 12 hours for 10 cents,I see thru the eyes of
workers that people think they are being taken advanage
of,you can't see the self respect from doing a job,and
getting paid for It. Looking back I wouldn't change a
thing,I would go for the movie and popcorn.
The quality of this post will stand the test of time.
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I am sure it is a gigantic governmental conspiracy and coverup in all this. By the way. As we all know Loosewire have lately started to walk on land. And I am happy to inform AAC that he is on the brink of become a habitual biped. Not bad at all.


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Loosewire is asked to slow down.
That's like asking a photon to slow down. If a photon is not traveling at the natural speed for the medium it is in, it ceases to exist.

... or, maybe that was the intent of the request?

Personally, I think photons help to brighten up the place. :)


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So I'd like to submit my evidence that loosewire has just reached the official status of a successful "artiste".

Based on recent data from the off-topic forum, it's clear that loosewire now has critics - both pro and con. This establishes his artist classification.

Further, he has been nominated as a potential subject for a "roast", which we all know is reserved for those that have achieved success.

Congratulations loosewire!