Looking to buy oscilloscope ?

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I am looking to purchase an oscilloscope for small electronic repair such as tvs, stereos, etc. I have no clue where to begin and what will get the job done.

I am looking at an oscilloscope that has these specs:

Model: PM3335
Sample Rate: Less than 200MSa/s
Bandwidth: 60MHz - 99MHz
Make: Philips
Channels: 2
2 new 100MHz x1/x10 switchable probes.

Will this scope get the job done for what I need it for?


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Since the sample rate is 200Ms/s the effective bandwidth of that scope is 20 MHz. THe analog bandwidth is the best case, but its better to choose on the 'typical' case which is a rule of thumb, sampling rate/10.

What frequency do you intend to work with? Does your repair include logic analysis such as in digital TVs? For stereos, unless you will repair old style discrete components or vacuum tubes, 20 MHz is adequate.

I'm not a technician, but a lot of HDTV repair these days is just board swapping, then check go or no go, almost no tools needed beyond a DMM.