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    Mar 9, 2012
    Hello, our lab may be looking to buy or commission a professional-quality circuit (referred to as "BOX" below) that can be used in the following protocol.

    1. Attach BOX to laptop computer via USB.

    2. Load an audio file (as short as 100 μs or as long as several seconds) onto the BOX using MATLAB and the USB connection. This process should be as fast as possible (preferably less that 50 ms).

    3. Deliver a trigger (i.e., 3-5 V pulse) to the BOX's 1/8" jack, which will cause the BOX to output its audio signal via another 1/8" jack. The delay here must be minimal, preferably on the order of μs or less. The outputted audio must be 24+ bit and 96+ kHz, and the intended speakers are headphones with 50 Ω impedance.

    4. Repeating #3 at rates of up to 1000 Hz should consistently result in played audio at the same rate.

    5. At any point, the audio can be changed (#2) and then the BOX will respond to triggers by sending the new audio.

    This is the minimal functionality required for the BOX. We'll be doing all of the software development, but the BOX will need to work with the software as outlined above. Optionally, we'd like an amplification stage on the output that can reach 5 V rms and 20 Vpeak (for a 1% duty cycle), but using discrete amplification increments (for repeatability).

    If you know of any products that could do this, I'd be very interested to learn more; if this is something you would be interested in building (obviously paid), please get in touch via private message with a CV, an estimate, and a rough idea of how you'd go about it. (We are in the Toronto area.)

    Thanks for reading!