Looking For Who,Did You Look In The Basement

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I know my way around the base ment ,who is lost.

We got enough guys for a search party,I am the

leader of the search,I will use my special powers.

I am getting a vision,I see a lost member.
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Well, Retched was one, but I think we figured out that he started a business and doesn't have time to log on much anymore.


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And who knows, who else that will turn up in search. Like the search party accidently stumble over Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa. In deep concentration battling in a game of chess.

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@ Sparky,(The Who ) True story.....I was passing a grave yard...I looked

over and saw a set of bleachers...enough seating for a concert.............

My first thought thee greatful dead..(The Greatful Dead ) the group the

I had only heard the name,I didn't know until later that one of the members

had died. I just had this vision of the dead in the grave yard of being.......

entertained that night......true story... just an other Incrediable experience

of the Loosewire.