Looking for someone or company to design product for me.

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I have ask early this year for some ides to start from but this is just to much for me to design and make on my own. Look at this post for what I was trying to build for myself. http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/showthread.php?p=369672#post369672 But to explain maybe better I am looking at a display that can show data from various external sensors. The sensors would be pressure and temperature. One may be needed to show vacuum plus boost. I would have no problem using buttons to go up and down the display to show the data. Maybe show 4 items at one time but allow scrolling up and down through maybe 12 sensors. Last two buttons for up and down operation. I would like on the display to show the number 1 - 5 as you press the up button you go from 1 to 2 then to 3 on the next up press. With each displayed number a relay would be active so there be 5 relays. 1 for each number. Even changing the number to a word would be an option on the display. If programming a PIC is involved I would like to be able to modify things like change wording so well explained programming file would be of great help. may wish to add different gauge or change the position in the list. For sensors I be looking at all external added devices. It will not interface with any item on the vehicle. a couple fuel pressure sensors, a few temperature sensors, a boost pressure sensor, fuel or other liquid level sensors. Will be dealing with a 12volt auto power supply system which I read is not a very clean power source. So will have to clean that up for power supply. One last thing is if it be possible for it to retain the 1 -5 relay position after shutdown and restart. Thank you for any help or possible places to contact to work with me. Brian


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Your product idea is not particularly simple and would probably take 3-6 months to go from idea to production. (Based on my experience of trying to bring a product to market, take any estimate, add two months and triple it to get the actual time it will take.)

The average EE salary in the US is around $78,000, so you'd be looking at around $20-30,000 for this design - I doubt you have this money at hand, and you could probably buy a professional system for less than a tenth of that price.

Of course if you are talking a little hobby project, with less strict requirements, maybe only one unit, it would cost less, but you'd still be looking at a lot of money - probably in the range of $10,000.


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You're probably better off contacting a company in industrial automation. Industrial sensors, PLCs and HMI panels are expensive to buy, but the module-based nature of the parts makes it very easy and fast to set up if they have some experience.


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Have you visited the Megasquirt site? I'll bet if you ask this question in the right forum there, you'll find someone who's done this or is willing to do this.
If you break it up in pieces, a forum like MS will enlighten you about the various sensors you need and how to design the auto hardened power supply. Instead of a PIC, try the Arduino website for programming the microcontroller. The Arduino has most of the tedious parts done for you and has a huge following to help with connecting the sensors to it and driving the display. None of this is beyond your ability if you go one step at a time.

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Thanks to all the replies. I knew it not be cheap and most likely it be a one of a kind just for me. Did not really plan to sell an item like that. I thought of a panel like mentioned but not much luck in finding one and figure it be expensive at any point. Seen many panels like mentioned in places that build and test engines and other types of items at places I have worked as a mechanical contractor. I will check over there on that sight when I get a chance. Again thank you to everyone for any help. Brian